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Investing 15-20 Minutes With Me Can Generate You $5,000 This Year.

And I have proof.


My wife just a few months ago was beside herself.  She works full time at a large defense contractor, and she runs a small bookkeeping business on the side.  Very small. Her singular client was causing her all sorts of stress as she tried her best to serve him.  It was an even bigger struggle because she didn’t quite make enough money to hire an assistant like she wanted to so that she could get back to finding more clients.


I spent about 15 minutes of our evening date with her and got a feel for what she really,r eally wanted from her next client, and then I built her a site.


you can see it here


In 5 days she had her next client…and he is signed on for a total of $5,000 in work for the next year.  and now we’re looking for her virtual assistant.  And that was all in the first 30 days.


These results aren’t uncommon with what I do. at I work directly with service industry clients ONLY, to produce a lead generating website so you can get back to what you really love doing—the work.


If you’re interested in learning more about how my company can make you 10x your investment, head on over to Berkshire SEO here

New Discovery

So I’ve been trying to “think big” about Berkshire SEO for some time now and I’ve been basically hearkening back to the “franchise” model constantly. Basically build a system that allows companies to get great online marketing, and sell that system and support staff to franchisees.  This makes a lot of sense to me, and is simple to visualize and build: make a system that works on paper, show people that it works by building “the first franchise” and then sell it. Simple. However I am still a “salesman” in this case. All that I would be doing is moving from selling websites and marketing–to selling franchises.  Not that exciting to me.


Yesterday I meditated for about an hour, and my mind moved over to the thought of this bushiness and what the “big solution” could be that my company would sell. At about the end of the session I got it: What Berkshire SEO needs to sell is not a franchise, or even a business solution, but a software that will link everything online marketing together: PPC advertising, online business pages, website, social media pages, and the overarching language of each. If this can be accomplished the company who uses it will be able to immediately take any offer, promotion, or idea and make it “prevalent,” just like the big companies do.


I’m imagining a dashboard that will show you the exact metrics you want: conversions to leads, and how those leads have closed. It will show you where those leads have come from, and the relative cost. It will do all of this, and will also tie in with every single piece of online marketing bullshit that a small business owner needs to deal with. I want to do all of this for about $100 a month.


Right now the closest thing to this is Pardot which is a fucking thousand dollars a month. If a business owner has $1,000 a month to spendon this software, why isn’t he just hiring a fucking marketing team to do it instead? it hits this ridiculous area where nobody can afford it, but everyone wants it. It’s like “of course I want that! but I wouldn’t pay $1000 if you made me”


The features aren’t that crazy to create and streamline either. I think I’m going to try and build it out as a wordpress plugin and see where I can get to.



My Life: January 14th, 2027

DISCLAIMER: This is a writing prompt that I got form Tim Ferriss’ most recent podcast, and I am posting it here as nobody reads this anyway. whoohoo.



I wake up around 7am, like I usually do.  I pad downstairs in my log house that oversees a nice lake in the white mountain area of Arizona. I am about 185 pounds, have a beard and long hair, and am in shorts. I go down to my kitchen and make myself and Stef an Espresso for us to start the day.   I look out the kitchen window and see my garage on the far side of the house, and contemplate whether I want to sit down and do some work this morning (on some real estate deals I’m working, or on a book i’m writing) or go out to the garage and work on my newest car: a Porsche 911 that needs a lot of love that I can’t wait to make my own.

Stef comes downstairs not long after the espresso is done, and gives me a hug and thanks me for her coffee. She’s going to sit and read and sip her coffee and then head off to her Professor’s job at the nearby college that she adores. She is currently working on her first book, and I’m loving helping her work through the finer points as she irons out the first draft, and get ready to send it to publishers, and close friends to read.  She’s happier and healthier than she’s ever been.


I tell Stef I’m going to make a few calls first today, and then head out to the garage and get to work on Bella. I named the car after our missing cat as it’s black, and Stef loves the car.  She can’t wait to drive it with me this Summer.


Sophia, even though she’s a newly minted teenager, lazily comes downstairs by herself, and readies herself for school. She hops on the bus just a few minutes later, and is off for the day. Sophia has fallen in love with sports, and with entrepreneurship. She has started a small online business with graphic design and art work, thanks in large part to Yoni’s tutelage, and we all see a bright future for her as she grows her little enterprise.


I log into my email and see that my sales team has made a few new deals for Berkshire SEO, and that some new large clients are excited to get started with our development team to have new, large websites built. There are a few emails there about basic issues, and I forward them to my Project Manager who I know will deal with them. There is an email from my realtor stating that the 15 unit property I’m looking at near Phoenix should fit into the financing that I’m eligible for, and will be a great deal for me and Stef. I thank him, and ask him to call me once he’s at the office this morning.


The emails get me excited to work more, so I dive into some Berkshire SEO Franchising work. There are currently 10 Berkshire SEO franchise owners, and all of them are doing well, but one is on the slide. I realize I should probably call the guy directly and give him some help. I give him a call and get his voicemail. I tell him I’m excited to help him more, so I hope he calls me today so we can get his business really cranking in the new year.


I call my one sales guy ( a real killer) for Franchises and see what his plans are for the new year. He dives into an ad hoc presentation on how he wants to sell the franchises in the new year, and has some good asks from me as well. I tell him I’ll be happy to build some new marketing pieces for him, and will happily bankroll some expositions travel this year as well as long as the production continues to be at the same level it was the year before or higher. He tells me we can probably sell 5 franchises this year ($500k in revenue)  I tell him that’s great and I look forward to seeing it. we get off the phone. now it’s about 10 am.


I sit down and write now. I journal for a good thirty minutes, clearing my mind. At this point I start to develop some marketing plans for the Franchises, and from this a few basic ideas for Berkshire SEO Client side marketing comes to me as well. I send them off to your Marketing Manager and tell him I look forward to him making fun of me later. I get in contact with some of my paid marketing channels for Berkshire SEO franchising, and I make some calls for some other new sources that I want to make deals with. I get one on the phone and he agrees to give me a 50% discount and I immediately take it and give him my credit card. I want to get as much action for my sales guy as fast as I can this year.


I go and make another espresso, get into my garage clothes, and head out to the garage. The garage is not enormous…but not small either. This is my work garage. There is a basic stable garage for our regular cars on the other side of the house. This garage is a 4 bay (2 wide, 2 deep) with a large loft that has my gym. In the center of the garage, toward the back is a two post lift in baby blue. On the lift right now is Bella. She’s a 1987 black Porsche Hard top that I’m going to shoehorn a 3.6l twin turbo into. Right now I’m pulling the suspension out of her and putting all new in it. In the far right bay is Betty. she now has an LS1 in her with a 75mm turbo, and is a true Supercar Killer. the interior is clear and complete, and the paint is pearl white as I always wanted. the bright red “PORSCHE” decal on the back has clear coat over it, and the car is on of my favorites to drive. The suspension took me until just last year to really dial in, and only now do I feel safe putting Stef behind the wheel.


I have all my tools that I’ve acquired over the years neatly organized in all my tool boxes, and a nice welding station as well. I’ve started doing some work on an older Toyota Land Cruiser that I plan on making into a really nice overland Off-road rig. However my real love right now is Bella. I kick on the compressor, turn on some music and get to work removing the rear suspension from the car. I’m planning on getting it all pulled out tonight, wrapped up and stored in the storage area in the back right corner of the garage, and then ordering the custom suspension setup from Pelican once I get the subframe measurements.


I get Pelican on the phone and make the order, and its about 2:30 now and time for me to eat something. Since I’ve been in ketosis for years now I don’t get hungry nearly as often as I did a decade ago. I go inside and have a can of sardines, some tomatoes, and some whitefish from the local deli. I make another coffee (still love that coffee) and I check my calls.


I have a call back from another marketing agency who is giving me a lackluster price, so I tell them I’ll think about it and mention that the other company is giving me a much better price.  I thank them and quickly get off the phone. Stef comes home at this point as she has a break before her night class. I make her some lunch, and we sit and chat for a while about where we want to travel to this Summer, and also how we want to finance our new, biggest real estate investment. This will be our 5th property, and will get us up to 30 units in total. At this amount we’ll actually have enough real estate to finance our lives. Everything else will just be bonus.


Stef is home for the remainder of the day as her next class is a night class, so I ask her if she has any work to grade and she says she doesn’t. I check to see if  any of my calls or email shave been responded to and see they haven’t so I sign off for the day and ask Stef if she would like to go walk along the shoreline by the beach. She says even if it is arizona, 40 degrees is still to cold and declines. She says she’ll watch some youtube with me, though. we turn on something stupid and watch a bit of it, and then both of us fall into reading books until Sophia gets home from school a few hours later.


Sophia comes into the house and immediately starts rummaging through the fridge. after saying hi to us, and eating a large snack, she heads up to my gym to lift. I ask if she needs a spot and says no she’s just dead lifting today. I wish her well and tell her to use good form, and tell her dinner is at 6. We go back to reading.


We enjoy dinner together, and Sophia shares some cool ideas she has for her business. we guide her, but she’s strong willed and thinks she has it all figured out. we let her go whatever direction she likes. Eventually she asks (tells) us that she’s having over her friend Samantha. They’ll just be upstairs in Sophia’s room. We agree, and Samantha shows up a suspcious 10 minutes later. we smile as Samantha is a really great kid, and Sophia’s best friend. They go upstairs and talk about boys, homework, and Soph’s business that she is immensely proud of. Samantha wants to try something similar now.


After dinner Stef and I go outside to the gym to lift. We do some basic powerlifting moves, and enjoy the workout. After we shower together, and make love. We hop into bed to watch a movie, and pass out shortly thereafter at the ripe old hour of 10 or 10:30.


This is what I picture my life being.

Workstation is back

So my excuse (cough) workstation is back up and running, which means that my office is once again where I can work. I always seemed to try and split work and family time when my computer was broken, as I would use my laptop.  Doesn’t  work.


However, I’m not being as hard on myself as I was last year. If I want to take a night and chill…I chill. If I only want to make a few calls, or send a few emails, I only send a few. What this has done for me so far this year is just made me feel more relaxed, and has actually made me…if anything, wok more.


I’m glad that I’ve finally made this discovery. I know that for years I’ve suffered from workaholism, which  probably stemmed form fellign like I was constantly not living up to my full potential but what I’ve realized in this self-searching period more than anything is that life is LONG. like really…really long. So I will get there. and If I learn ot relax and enjoy the ride, it’ll seem like I’m getting there much faster than I am. It’s amazing how easy it sounds when you write it out…but its not.


I think the hardest part about this is the negative self talk I woudl subject myself to constantly. “come on, you’re lazy because you’re not working” “get back to work, do you want to let you and your fmaily be stuck in these shit jobs forever?” and on and on. It doesn’t help. It doesn’t motivate me. It made me anxious, and lazy, and scared, and upset at my family. It made me be lazy. It made me far less of a man than I could be. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but I was definitely wasting time by trying to convince myself not to waste time. I need to rest more! I need to enjoy my life more!


Because let’s face it: my life is pretty incredible. I work 40 hours a week (kind of) with a group of folks that are really quite awesome. Really nice people, and were all working toward a good cause (foster care!) plus, I have other job prospects, And I’m building my company slowly but surely. The best part is that I can do all of this while not sacrificing my body, my health, or my family. I still sit down for dinner with my family. I still do things with them on the weekend. I still enjoy them and spend time with friends. This is the ideal way to grow my life. And it was always within my reach.


i’m glad that I’ve realized this.


So tonight? will I work? nah. I’m going to think about it…and start looking for new ways to make money with web development and online marketing. but I’ll get into it tomorrow.  The space inbetween work is almost more valuable than the work itself…sometime.s

“We Are Legion (We Are Bob)” by Dennis E. Taylor

This book was awesome. I’ve often thought about the hows of getting through the galaxy, if we wanted to do it in the next 100 years or so, and this books answers that questions incredibly well.


This book follows bob, who is a modern day multimillionaire who just sold his software company. He pays some company a princely sum to freeze his brain when he dies, and then oops….gets hit by a car.


Some 150 years later he’s resurrected as a computer system, and it charged with running a spaceship to explore the galaxy. Hilarity ensues.


The books best part is how it tackled creation of infrastructure throughout the galaxy. The answer, of course is 3d printers. The 3d printers in the book use fusion technology to allow items to be built atom by atom at the molecular level. This means that ANYTHING can be build in space, whenever as long as the raw materials can be found. Asteroid belts of any star system satisfies this.


Spaceships? Yep. Built with other “bobs” piloting them, which is awesome. These “Bob’s”take on their own personalites as they grow, and each get their own names as well. The way the world grows so rapidly, and really immerses you is a blast. I can’t wait for the next book.

“Awaken The Giant Within” by Tony Robbins

I had read this book many, many years ago as a young teenager. At the time, my dad had what we all had JUST learned was Alzheimers, and I had accepted that he would never be the dad he was again, that his mental faculty would continue to slip, and that he would probably die before I reached college graduation. This book helped me, a 13 year old boy, put all of this in perspective.


I reality, this book did far more than that for me. It also helped me reach all of the goals I had set out for myself just a few years after 13. In fact, I came back to reading it this Christmas season more out of a sense of “now what?” Than anything. A lot of my writing lately on this blog has been about how I’m fighting for this new goal of being a solo entrepreneur, but that goal was really undefined. I wasn’t sure exactly how or WHY I was attacking it. I didn’t have any soul in it. This book helped me find it, and put it down on paper.


The book is broken up into many parts, that each has their own exercises and takeaways. If you complete each of the exercises, which are usually just doing some writing on paper, and then practicing positive thought based around those writings, you can really make a lot of meaningful changes in your mind. Before tackling this book, I was looking at my business as a teeth gritted, angry, head down fight. Now that I’ve finished the book and gone through the work, I realize that not only should the business be a joy to me, it better be! It’s what I’m fighting for! The book is basically just a series of paradigm shifts, that if you follow can allow you to break through any type of mental barrier you might have.


The largest takeaway for me on this second read-through was on value-heirarchy. I had noticed that the way I was often tackling challenging items in my life was with an attitude that “If I’m going to be successful in business, I’ll need to ignore my family and my health for a while” which is a nonstarter because a) its not pleasurable, and b) I held my health and family above my business in VALUES. Plus, I had a huge fight going on in my head day in and day out where I was upset before anything had even occurred that day, because I was already gearing up for the value fight of family and health vs business work. it sucked, and even though it sucked, it was hard for me to verbalize to myself. The book really helped me flesh that back out, and understand exactly what was going on. Now I make sure that I feel good about my health and my family before I even THINK about my business. Thanks to that, my family is happier, I’m healthier, and my business is starting to grow.

It’s crazy how, when you think about it, often times the things that are holding you back from what you want to get done in life are entirely within your control. In fact really everything you want to get done in life is completely within your control. Tony Robbins writes out simple solutions to make those goals a part of your life, and helps you get there.


Welcome 2017.

Just had a wonderful weekend with my wife. We went to her mother’s house, and she has a small guest house where we spent our new year’s eve. She lives right next to Worcester as well, so on new year’s we went into the city, saw some great shows, played some silly videogames at a local videogame shop, and also had generally a great time enjoying ourselves. In true “exhusted parent” fashion, Grandma, Grandpa, and Sophia stayed out a good 2 hours longer than we did at a children’s park open late for new year’s eve. We were in bed by 10pm.


The more important part of this weekend, though, was the conversations I was able to have with my wife. She has been fighting herself. There is what I”ve learned to call (Thanks, Tony Robbins) a “Conflict of values.” She wants to spend more time with Sophia. It’s important to her to be an available mother, and to be happy and have fun with her child. She also wants to feel the fulfillment of a high-powered, full-time job. This is especially hard for her to let go because she’s worked for the past 10 or so years to get to where she is in her professional career (which I can also appreciate.) The two, at least for her, to not mesh. She’s upset that she always comes home exhausted and can’t enjoy Sophia, she’s upset she can’t be there for her more after school, and for activities, and to bring her on fun trips. What are we to do?


In our lunchtime chats, and while walking the city, she remembered that she always wanted to be a college professor. This Immediately perked me up: She has the grades (always has!) she has the Work experience now, and all she has to do is (basically) shop for the right school! What’s more, since she wants to be a professor, she would be going into a doctoral PhD program, for which you usually get paid a stipend for! This means that she would tick all of her value boxes: more schedule flexibility to Sophia thanks to a school-like schedule, fulfillment at a job she is actually excited about, and going toward her biggest career goal.


The BEST part? This will give us the ability to choose to move to a place that will be warmer within the next 2 years…actually quite easily. This was such a huge conversation for us to have, I couldn’t be happier about it.


for me: My goals I’ve developed, and I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself to get into the right place mentally to meet them. My values have been shifted as well: first is my health: mental moreso than physical. Second is family, and third is Achievement: specifically tweaked toward my business this year. I have many more but those are my primary focus at least for January. Plus the actual physical goals as well. I’m excited for all of this to be sure.


But what does all of this mean for us? It means we have some similar goals. It means we have a realistic time line. It means that we’ll have time to travel on vacations, and we’ll be able to enjoy our family more than we thought, especially in the years to come. It means that we’re heading toward our dreams in a real, meaningful way.


Not much else to say… I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’m on Keto again which feels amazing, and I’m glad to be here. Now to fix my workstation and get cracking.

Getting Closer

Yesterday I got my first new client in a while. It’ll be a big client, and will be for more money than I’ve ever asked for in the web development space. It will be well worth it for him and me, however. I’m excited! I’ll start with him in January.


It’s a strange feeling having a huge commitment like that lined up. I’m excited and apprehensive all at the same time. I can’t wait to get another one.


I’m riding the high of closing that deal still and it’s been more than 24 hours. It’s given me motivation to get on the phone and find more deals next week. It’s given me the motivation to leave my job even sooner. I’m not even worried about it anymore. I’m a hambone, according to Stan. He’s bugging me as I write this.


I’ve started shopping in a leisurely fashion for homes farther south with stef. We’re having fun dreaming. I’m having fun working. Life is good. I’m really hoping that we’ll be off on our first adventure on January 1, 2018.  There are a lot of really fun RV’s out there for short money (used) that I think we’ll enjoy for a6-12 months out on the road exploring America.


It’s interesting how when you’re in the shit, working hard trying to get a result, you find that you’re wishing for something that you’re not even sure will ever happen. Once you get one small thing to come to fruition, it’s like your head bursting above the surface of the water after a long deep dive below: it all becomes clear. You realize that these things can indeed happen. You realize that just a little more work int his same direction will definitely get you to where you need to be. you realize that your plan is working.




“What Business Brings you to Brie?”

Ah, Lord of The Rings is such a nice movie.


For as long as I can remember, it’s been the ultimate background noise: something that  I put on the nearest Tv and just let play as I work. It lets me focus, and stay calm even when I’m working on some high stakes items.


This week I have: made about 180 dials, sent several emails, gotten out my first big proposal, and Really made some real moves toward my January goal. If I close this proposal I will hit my January goal for income and move onto February.

It feels great…but also scary. I am starting to accomplish things that I never thought I could….or at least something that I never thought I would be able to do at this age. But why not, hey?


Today I went into staples to mail a letter, and there were “Travel Journals” laid out for sale for $4 each. I bought a girly one for Stef, and a Manly (lol) one for me. I wrote “January 1, 2018” on the first page of each, marking when we’ll set off on our first big travel adventure for at least a month if we hit our goals. This will be my Christmas present to her…and to me.

If I get anywhere NEAR my goals for the year, I will be easily within striking distance of us Traveling the US in an RV and enjoying some real quality time with Sophia. It will be amazing. Stan said he would watch the house while we’re gone which is great (charge him a pittance in rent and make him pay utilities) and we will go down to visit my mom, see Stef’s family in Florida as well, and then trek over to the Grand Canyon. If we still aren’t sick of each other we’ll continue the expedition up through Canada and into Alaska in the summer. We’re so close.